Love Watching Movies At Home? 3 Theater Options For Modern Homeowners

If you enjoy watching your favorite movies in the comfort of your own home, a home theater might sound like the must-have addition you need in your home. But modern technology has both created the dedicated media room and made it less necessary at the same time. To help you design the right space, here three choices for your media consumption and what unique features they offer. 

1. Home Theater Room

The mecca of cinephiles remains the home theater room. This one-use space is usually set up like a more comfortable version of your favorite theater experiences, often complete with themed décor, a bar, and popcorn machines. Traditional theater rooms have now embraced other forms of media, including gaming and streaming, as well.

You can get as over-the-top in a dedicated space as you want, including oversize projections and specific surround-sound setups. If gaming and movies are your primary form of entertainment — alone or in groups — this is a room for you. 

2. Multipurpose Room

Some homeowners don't want to limit an entire room just to watching movies or television. Instead, they want a comparable experience but with the flexibility to use the room in other ways. A multipurpose room could do the trick.

Wire your multipurpose room with high-quality audiovisual features and include soundproofing for a great movie experience. But rather than use theater-style seating, put in a selection of seating that includes sectionals, loveseats, and tables and chairs. And leave plenty of space for walking around. 

Then add zones with other entertainment options, such as gaming stations or even a pool table. Make furnishings mobile for flexibility to convert the room easily, and add built-in storage to reduce clutter when you change the room's uses. 

3. Integrated Technology Throughout

If you don't have the space to add a multipurpose room, you can still take advantage of modern technology for a great theater experience — in every room.

Wireless technology, built-in equipment storage, and compact projection tools mean you can wire any room to provide a good quality movie experience while hiding the accessories. Light-rejecting screens provide excellent visuals even in rooms without blackout curtains. And flexible furnishing arrangements allow you to modify seating to make room for just one or a dozen of your closest friends. 

Where to Start

The choices available to today's homeowners can be overwhelming. And if your house already has its own quirks, you may not know how to execute your ideas for media integration or home theater spaces. Get help by meeting with a home designer today. Together, you will find solutions to all your challenges and become the place all your friends want to hang out no matter what's on the agenda.